How Do Appliances Get an Energy Star Rating? How Do Appliances Get an Energy Star Rating?

An appliance with an Energy Star rating is one that functions at about 25% higher energy efficiency than its non-rated equivalent. In practical terms, Energy Star rated appliances are better at conserving energy and are therefore better for the environment.

Energy Star and the EPA

The Energy Star rating system was developed by the United States government in conjunction with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. Thus, items that are labeled with an Energy Star sticker are those that meet the standards for energy efficiency set by these departments. The government surveys all new items that come onto the market and affixes the Energy Star sticker to any that meet their specific requirements.

Energy Star requirements vary significantly, depending on the type of product. Refrigerators, computers, kitchen appliances and a host of other devices all have different standards that are set by the EPA and the Department of Energy in order to earn an Energy Star rating. For more information about the specific requirements for any particular type of appliances, or for additional information about the Energy Star program in general, visit the government's website.

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