How Do Flexible Drill Bits Work?

Flexible drill bits are the new arsenals for those who are using drills in home and at work. They made exclusively to maneuver without difficulty around obstacles to aid you in drilling. As its name implies, it allows you to take advantage of drilling hard to reach areas that your ordinary drill could not reach due to its flexibility and extendability.

Do you have a hard time boring holes, fixing or removing screws in inaccessible areas of your walls, framings, furniture, appliances and even your ceiling?  Worry no more because engineers of the modern day era have pioneered something that will aid you in giving a solution to that problem.


The actual drill bit is not the key feature of this tool, but its extension. The extension is both flexible and extendable, which guides the drill bit to come in contact with the surface to bore holes. This feature does not only aid in guiding the bit but also gives the drill bit the ability to bore holes in extended lengths.

The extension is a long, solid core rod with two ends. The first end is for holding the drill bit, and the other end is for its attachment to the power drill.

How to use

The installation and use is not as hard as you may think. You only need to insert the drill bit to the power drill just like how you would with the standard one. At the top of the drill, hold down the lock release and slide the connector of the flexible drill bit into the drill. Once you have made sure that the flexible drill bit is now in place, let go the lock release to lock the flexible drill into place.

Next is to insert the appropriate drill bit size to the end of the flexible drill bit. You will find a small round bump on the tip of the flexible drill bit. Press that first, then insert the drill bit. Release the small round bump in order to lock the drill bit to the flexible drill bit.

After you have installed the parts needed, hold the screw on top of the drill bit and press it down on the surface where you needed the screw to be inserted. Power on the drill, and once the flexible drill rotates, the actual drill bit will turn as well. The screw will then be inserted into the area.


Considering the advantages that it offers to everyone at home and at work, the flexibility and extendability it gives makes this tool a must-have. You do not need to go around finding the best position to drill, disassemble equipment, remove any part that obstructs the drill bit, or even overreach. The flexible drill bit will do those things for you, making your work more efficient and allowing you to allot more time to doing other things.