How Do Gel Fireplaces Work?

A modern fireplace with a fire going.

A gel fireplace is a type of prefabricated fireplace that has some serious differences from and advantages over a traditional fireplace. For example, whereas you have to maintain a wood burning fireplace with regular cleaning and an annual visit from a chimney sweep, gel fireplaces require neither. This article offers an overview of gel fireplaces, covering everything from their operation to their fuel, ventilation, and maintence.

The Operation

Gel fireplaces are prefabricated, free-standing fireplaces that do not attach to chimneys, but rather burn special gel packs that allow them to burn cleanly without adding toxins, fumes, or other things to the air in the process. These gel fireplaces are ideal for homes, apartments, condos, and even office buildings because they create the atmosphere of a fireplace without the harmful ash, creosote, and other harmful inhalants that a normal fireplace can put into the air.

The Fuel

Gel fuel fireplaces burn a special gel, which is an all-natural, alcohol-based material. The fuel typically comes in a can. You simply light it and then enjoy the fire that is produced by this energy-efficient and all-natural fireplace product.

Ventilation and Maintenance

With a gel fireplace, there is no need for a vent or a chimney, and no installation is necessary. Because there is no ash and the smoke is harmless, there is no need for maintenance. There is no need to clean up a mess after you use your gel fireplace, either. These gel fireplaces are 100 percent safe, easy to install, easy to use, and a great addition to any living space.