How Do Gutter Guards Work? How Do Gutter Guards Work?

Leaves, wind, snow and rain are just some of the problems the gutters face, which is it may be a good idea to use gutter guards. While they are not that commonly used, people are getting more fascinated about them and want to know how they work. Here is a brief overview on what they are and how they work.

What Are They?

Gutter guards come in a variety of types. Some are vinyl covers with slits that allow water to seep through, while others are made of chicken wire or other material.

How Do They Work?

How guards work depends on the type, but most either fit in or fit over the gutter. Either way, they block the debris from getting inside the gutter for the most part. Instead they normally fall on top of the gutter guards and the rain or wind will knock them off. If gravel or other fine particles fall into it, the water then seeps into the gutters will flush them out.

Do They Do the Job?

For most part they keep the bigger debris out of the gutters, but gutter guards do have their flaws. Some will work better than others, while some will be harder to install.

Gutter guards can be bought either online or at home repair stores.

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