How do I install pull-out pantry shelving? How do I install pull-out pantry shelving?

Pull-out pantry shelving is easy to install if you are reasonably handy with tools, as all you will need is the shelving kit, a saw, a Phillips head screwdriver and a flat-head screwdriver. One other tool to include is a good ratchet and drive because you can use this to install the tracks. To do this project, first you need to measure existing shelving against the frame that slides out on the track you will be installing. Next, take the material off the shelves themselves and attach the hardware that will roll along the track. Next, measuring carefully, install the first track, tightening it down with the ratchet and drive. Then you install the second track, after ensuring that the measurements are the same and that the track is level. With this done, insert the roller portion of the pantry shelf and you are finished.

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