How Do I Live An All Green Lifestyle? How Do I Live An All Green Lifestyle?

An all green lifestyle can be achieved by simply adjusting some of the habits you may have within your day's routine. With these simple suggestions, you can start making your lifestyle more green and eco-friendly.

Change Your Mode of Transportation

Instead of driving to work, walk, bike, or take the bus. Not only do these other modes of transportation save you gas money, they also leave a smaller carbon footprint than your car does. Should you have no other choice but to drive, start a carpool with your co-workers or friends and ask whoever has the eco-friendliest car to drive.

Buy Fresh Food

Buy your food fresh from a local venue. Check out your nearest farmer's market and grab the freshest food available. By purchasing fresh foods from markets such as these, you cut down on the packaging that you would receive from a normal market.

Use Green Materials in Your Kitchen

Aside from buying local, there are little things you can do in your kitchen to help you live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Take grocery bags to the grocery store and recycle and reuse the plastic or paper ones you have at home. You can also use fresh compost from the garbage disposal as fertilizer for (if you have space) your own organic vegetable garden. Make sure your appliances are energy star or energy star retrofitted appliances so that they are not consuming more heat or water than necessary. Use detergents and cleaners that use natural products or make your own using vinegar and baking soda. Purchase a water filter and cut down costs on buying plastic water bottles.

Be Diligent in Turning Your Lights Off

Purchase several $10 wall box dimmers and put them in every switch. Dimming each lamp that you have in your house will triple the life of the bulb and cut down energy costs. You can also install an occupancy sensor in bathrooms or other spaces to have the lights automatically turned off when occupants leave the space. In general, be diligent in turning off your lights as you leave the room to cut down on your use of energy.

Other Green Alternatives

Instead of throwing out your old furniture, consider re-finishing or re-painting it. You can refresh the older piece of furniture without having to add to the landfills. Also, for your heating or cooling needs, use ceiling fans instead of air conditioners and blankets instead of heaters. Both of these alternatives take up less space, are greener, and will save you money on your bill.

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