How do I remove grout film from unsealed pavers? How do I remove grout film from unsealed pavers?

In order to remove grout film from unsealed pavers, it is likely that you'll have to resort to chemicals. Grout film is the bothersome residue that stains pavers after grout has been applied in the grooves. While grouting pavers is a good way to prevent weeds and grass from growing up between them, the film is unsightly.

Cleaning Options

You can try simply scrubbing the film with an outdoor scrub brush, warm water and soap. This might do the trick, but in case it doesn't, pick up a bottle of muriatic acid. Dilute it according to the directions, and apply it as indicated to the grout film. You should wear rubber gloves and eye protection when scrubbing the film away. Rinse when complete, allow the pavers to dry and seal them to prevent future damage.

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