How do Keypad Door Locks Work?

Keypad door locks are thought by some to be safer than traditional locks. This type of lock is beneficial for consumers who do not want to carry a keys around. Once installed, keypad door locks are simple to use. The key to safety for this type of lock is to keep the security code confidential.


Most keypad door locks require a security code, ranging in four to eight digits. Users can change the code at any time. In fact, changing the code periodically reduces the chance of home invasions. Users who do not feel comfortable remembering a security code may opt for a fingerprint version.


Keypad locks are increasing in popularity for home use. Security companies offer this type of door lock, but homeowners can also install the lock themselves at a lower cost. When installing, users should ensure that they are not in the vicinity of others who may be able to see the security code.


Although keypad door locks may seem safer, they may not be ideal for users who do not remember numeric codes easily. Fingerprint keypad locks may not be ideal for large family households. Electronic key locks are more expensive than traditional key locks, with some basic models ranging between $150 and $200.