How Do RV Stabilizer Bars Work? How Do RV Stabilizer Bars Work?

RV stabilizer bars are meant to give your RV more stability when you are pulling it behind your car or truck. Stabilizer bars are important for the safety of the driver and to prevent any damage from being done to the car or RV while moving. If you are new to this concept, or are trying to decide if you want to install one on your RV, here is a little information that can help to guide you. 

How They Function

The bar is attached onto a ball near the hitch ball and the tongue of the RV. The bars will then run through the brake pads, which resist movement between the RV and the vehicle that you are using to tow it. 

Adjustments and Controls 

In order to ensure that the stabilizer bars are doing their job, it is important to make sure that you have adjusted them properly. Knowing the weight of the RV is required so that you can properly balance and install the hitch. There are tension controls on the stabilizer bars that are adjusted manually depending on the conditions of the road you will be driving on. By tightening the bars more, you can reduce the swaying and by loosening, you can give the RV more leeway. 

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