How Do Tubeless Tires Effect Gas Mileage?

Tubeless tires can enhance the performance of your vehicle. Not only can tubeless tires improve the handling of your vehicle, they can also improve your vehicle’s gas mileage. The rim acts as a sealant and prevents air from escaping. The air valve placement is directly on the rim itself, which also prevents leaking. Tubeless tires seal air in better.

Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is very important in relation to gas mileage. Every pound under the specified pressure loses 20% in miles per gallon. Tubes wear over time just as tires. A worn tube will lose air, which means you will lose gas mileage. Tubeless tires do not have this problem.

Rolling Resistance

Because tubeless tires create a better seal, preventing air loss, they produce less heat when rolling. Your car has to overcome the rolling resistance of your tires. It takes 20% of the energy produced by your engine to move your car down the road.

In Case of a Flat

A punctured tube will lose air quickly. The force of the tire moving will force air out of the tube. Even when tubeless tires are punctured, they will continue to give you better gas mileage.