How Do You Turn On a Jacuzzi That Has No Button?

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Jacuzzis are a brand of hot tubs, but they're also a common generic term for these heated spa baths, which can be installed indoors or out.

Some hot tubs have powerful jets for massage and water circulation, and the controls for these jets aren't always connected to buttons. Sometimes the on/off switch is as simple as a sensor. In other cases, it might be a manual control near the engine.

This guide discusses what you can do to turn on a Jacuzzi without buttons, and covers additional info about hot tub pumps.

How To Turn On a Buttonless Jacuzzi

Operating a Jacuzzi with no buttons can be challenging, but you might be missing a simple solution. Start by filling the tub with water until it covers the nickel-sized sensor above the main jet. In some Jacuzzis, this sensor is found at the rear.

Once you've filled up water to that level, look for a quarter-sized sensor on top of the Jacuzzi. You'll often find it in the front, to the left of the hot water valve.

It is important to note that this button doesn't move. Just touching it should instantly turn the Jacuzzi pump on or off.

Understanding How a Jacuzzi Pump Works

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The pump in your Jacuzzi is vital to the function of the hot tub. Not only does the motion of the water create a soothing pressure and a relaxing environment, but without it, the water would sit still, creating an ideal environment for bacteria to multiply. So all the functions and effectiveness of a Jacuzzi come down to the pump.

How does a Jacuzzi pump work? In simple terms, the pump circulates water through the filter, the jets, and the heater. Larger jacuzzis tend to have two pumps, with one sending water at high speed through the jets while the other filters it at a lower speed.

The high-speed water through the narrow jets results in pressure that makes it fun to be in a Jacuzzi. This motion is powered by a motor that draws electricity to propel the water towards the jets.

Taking good care of the Jacuzzi pump is crucial for its durability. With proper maintenance, your hot tub should work efficiently, generating powerful water pulsating through its jets.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Jacuzzi Pump

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If your pump gets damaged, you must replace it. If the water can't move through the filter system, it can develop dangerous bacteria, which can eventually present a health hazard. If you can't get your pump flowing again, here are some factors to consider when shopping for a new one.

Jet Power

Horsepower is crucial for a Jacuzzi pump because it controls the water pressure coming out of jets. The more jets your Jacuzzi has, the more horsepower you need. Horsepower doesn't always mean a better spa, though. Design and jet placement can be just as important.


Speed is another critical factor to consider when buying a Jacuzzi pump. If your Jacuzzi has more than one pump, it probably also has a diverter knob designed to redirect the jet power to particular seats.


Before you order a new pump, make sure it's compatible with the power needs of your system. Check the manual to find out whether you need a 120-volt or 240-volt model.