How Does a Belt Drive Garage Door Opener Work?

The belt drive garage door opener is at the high end of garage door openers, but they are worth the extra cost. There are currently three types of garage door openers that are available to homeowners today: the chain drive, screw drive, and belt drive type of garage door openers. Each one has their own benefits and disadvantages. Also, each type of opener has their own special working mechanism to lift and lower the garage door. Here is some information about how a belt drive system works.

A Quiet System

One of the biggest advantages that the belt drive garage door opener has over the other two is the amount of noise that is produces. The belt drive system is the quietest of the bunch and perfect for homes that have living areas above the garage. Townhomes, condos, split level homes, and anywhere else where the bedroom, or living area, is adjacent to or above the garage.

Belt Driven

The belt drive garage door opener operates with a rubber style belt that runs the length of the rail. This belt operates the same way that a chain would in a chain drive opener. But, because it is smooth running, there is no jumping of the door, and no metal on metal squeaking. The belt itself is a steel reinforced rubber like what you would find in steel belted tires. This gives the belt tremendous strength and durability.

Options Included

Like anything else that you buy today there are plenty of options that homeowners can choose from when buying a belt drive opener. Some include double lights, separate remote controls, exterior keyless entry, and different technologies for a smoother operation. Generally speaking, the more options that you want in your door opener the more expensive it will be. However, it will make for a much better user experience.

Ease of Installation

One of the things that many people have been working on is to get garage door openers to be easier to install. Some companies, like Chamberlain and Wayne-Dalton, have created easy to install DIY type garage door openers. There are also those that require a technician because of the exactness required in the installation. Some companies have a pre-assembled drive, while others are already programmed to work with wall controllers and remotes.

Three Different Sizes

With a belt driven garage door opener you can choose from three different sizes, according to the amount of power you need and the size of the door. They can come in 1/4 HP, 1/2 HP, and 3/4 HP motor sizes that will give different amounts of power, depending on your needs.

Smooth and Easy

One of the hallmarks of the belt drive system is that they lift and raise the garage door in a very smooth manner. There is no jumping from the door, swaying, or large amounts of vibrations. Because the belt moves without any hesitations or binding, the door does not feel any of these affects while it is traveling. This is not only good for the garage door itself, but also the garage door opener because the energy output can remain constant without any overloads.