How Does a Cassette Tape Adapter Work? How Does a Cassette Tape Adapter Work?

For drivers that own a car that has a cassette tape deck instead of a CD player, owning a cassette tape adapter is a necessary accessory for any trip. These adapters are shaped like a cassette tape, but have a cord extending from the end of the cassette. This cord is used to plug into an iPod or CD player. 

For the cassette tape adapter to work, the driver must first put the adapter into the tape deck. The adapter is placed into the deck so the cord protrudes from the tape deck. The driver then plugs his or her iPod or CD player into the cassette tape adapter cord, and music is ready to ring throughout the car. To hear the crystal clear sound the this adapter allows, simply set the tape deck settings as if you were to play a tape, and play your iPod or CD player normally. 

Although these adapters are not expensive, the quality of sound that is emitted through the adapter makes one believe that it is! Once you have finished listening to your iPod or CD player, simply eject the cassette tape adapter like you would a normal cassette tape. The great thing is, it's small enough to store in the glove compartment!

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