How Does a Caulking Gun Work?

A caulking gun is a very useful tool for a variety of home improvement and construction projects. If you've ever been curious about how this unique tool operates, read on to learn everything you'll need to know.


Before it can be used to apply caulk, a caulking gun must be loaded with a sealant suited for the job for which it is being used. This is accomplished by pressing the tool's release lever, then pulling out the device's mini-plunger. A tube of sealant is then placed into an opening on the caulking gun's side. If positioned properly, the tip of the sealant tube will protrude out of the front of the tool.


After a hole has been poked through the tube's tip, the sealant can be applied by pushing down on the caulking gun's trigger. When pressure is applied to the gun's trigger, the mini-plunger applies pressure to the tube, causing sealant to emanate from the tube's tip. If, at any point, the user wishes to stop the flow of sealant, the plunger can be deterred by pushing the caulking gun's release lever. When pressing down on the trigger bears no results, the sealant tube is empty and will need to be replaced.