How Does a Chain Link Double Gate Latch Work?

To secure a double gate in a chain link fence, you need to use a double gate latch. The most common and effective are post and lever latches. Learn more about how a double gate post and lever latch works, below.

How Does the Double Gate Post and Lever Latch Work?

The post and lever latch is installed between the two double gates in your chain link fence. Turn and lift the lever to raise the post out of its ground hole to open the gates.

Drill the Insert Hole for the Post

Drill a hole 6 inches deep for the post hole liner and the post hole, directly centered between the two gates. Line the hole with cement, then drive the metal post hole liner into the hole with a rubber malllet.

Attach the Post and Lever Latch to the Gate

Align the three metal brackets for the post to the inside edge of one gate. Slide the post through the brackets and rivet them closed. Attach the lever brackets to both gates so the lever holds both gates closed. The lever is fastened to the top of the post with the rivets provided.

Lock the Double Gate

Insert a padlock hasp through the drilled hole in the lever bracket and snap it closed to lock.