How Does a Cordless Iron Work?

Most people take a cordless iron for granted. It sits on the charger, much like a telephone and doesn’t get thought of until it’s needed. The cordless iron could be considered a revolution in cordless technology because it wasn’t really until the change in the power tool industry that cordless irons came of age.


Battery limitations prevented cordless irons from fulfilling their potential and they were renowned for having a very short life, in terms of usage time. The batteries would degenerate too quickly and the heat would dissipate before the whole batch of laundry was ironed. To produce the steam required, typical batteries didn’t have the power to keep the water to boiling point and the idea was shelved for a while.

How it Works

Some cordless irons use special heating elements which are based on a rechargeable battery, to keep the heat. The elements would work in the same way as telephone and power tool batteries, but would charge enough to generate the required heat needed to iron the clothes. The element inside the iron would be heated via the rechargeable battery and the heat would remain in the iron long enough to finish the laundry. Other cordless irons use boiling water to retain heat and produce the steam needed. Most irons have a shut off switch which detects lack of movement of the iron and turns it off to prevent damage.