How Does a Deck Drainage System Work?

drain in grass floor on deck

A deck drainage system will fix your wet deck. Like gutters on your house, a deck drainage system will help keep things dry, and keep mold from growing under your deck.

Keep Your Deck Dry

A deck drainage system will keep water from gathering on the ground under your deck. There are a couple types to choose from and the one that you choose to install will depend largely on budget, and what suits your needs.

One type hangs from rails under the deck. It will direct the water away from your deck.

Another type attaches to collecting panels in between the joists. The water is directed into a gutter off to the side and routed to wherever you want to install the downspout.

Make Use of Dry Space and Extra Water

A deck drainage system will keep the ground under your deck dry and mold free. This will leave the area open for storage. You will also not have to worry about puddles of water to breed mosquitoes.

As a bonus, you can also control where the water runoff will go. Direct the run off to a part of your landscape that needs to be watered often.