How Does a Frost Proof Hose Bibb Work?

A hose bibb is an outdoor faucet usually used to bring water your garden and other areas in your lawn. During the winter, water inside the bib tend to freeze over and cause the pipes to crack or burst. To avoid damage to your piper, you need to install a frost proof hose bibb.


A typical frost free bibb has three main components namely the handle, the stem, the body and the spout. To close bibb and drain the water out in preparation for the winter, you need to turn the handle to rotate the stem attached to it. To ensure that the water will drain completely, you need to install the spout lower than the water supply.

Most types of frost proof hose bibs have safety valves located within the heated portion of the home so warm water can flow into the bibb to keep it from freezing.

Some types of frost proof bibbs have shut off valves located inside the house to allow the hose to drain down completely in preparation for the winter. By shutting the valves and limiting the amount of warm water flowing into the hose bibb, you can prevent damage to your pipes and at the same time save money on your heating cost.