How Does a Garage Door Opener Battery Backup Work?

A garage door.

The garage door opener backup battery is a great tool to have. Installing this piece of technology allows you to be able to access your garage through the door even when the power goes out.

Three-Year Life

The back up battery typically has a 3-year life span and is either rechargeable or easily replaceable. Many times, you can use it for about 20 different uses or rotations before having to change it to another.

Where It Sits

The backup battery should be positioned on top of the garage door opener and actually plugs right into it. Occasionally, you will find a model that has a separate box for housing. Either way, checking to make sure that it is sitting properly and hooked up will ensure it works when you need it.

How It Actually Works

When the power goes out, the battery, which is sitting on top of the opener, kicks in. This allows the system to override the actual opener and work off of the battery. The door will open and close like normal.

Ensuring that the battery is charged is the most important thing. When you are in a bind, this piece of technology will ensure that you can operate your garage door as needed.