How Does a Glass Cutter Work?

A glass cutter is a very useful hand tool which makes the cutting of regular pieces of glass very easy. Each glass cutter has a smooth wheel and a sharp cutting blade. Glass cutters are also low maintenance which means they last for a long time.

How it Works

A glass cutter can be held by the handle. It is moved along in a straight line with the assistance of a straight edge. The cutting part of the cutter will make a deep score on the surface of the glass which will weaken the structural integrity. The glass can be snapped once a complete score has been made along a patterned line.

The Cutting Part

The cutting part will either come in the form of a sharp blade or a sharp blade wheel. These will both be heavily lubricated with a light oil to stop the friction created between the cutter and the glass from becoming too hot.

The Handle

The handle on most glass cutters will be weighted. This can make it tricky to use, but there is a good reason for it. If the glass cutter has worked, 2 or 3 taps of the handle on the surface of the glass should cause it to snap free.