How Does a Screw Drive Garage Door Opener Work?

A screw drive garage door opener is a great door option for wider, heavier doors. As an alternative to the more prominent chain drive garage door opener, the screw drive garage door opener can lift heavier doors than a belt drive opener, and does not cost as much as the chain drive. If you are not familiar with the screw drive opener, or are thinking about purchasing one soon, here is some information on this very reliable option.

Compact and Powerful

One of the reasons that many people like the option of a screw drive garage door opener is the fact that is it compact in size, but does not sacrifice any power. Because of the mechanism that raises and lowers the door, there is plenty of force that can be generated with the unique threaded system. Since there are less moving parts than found in a belt driven, or chain drive garage door opener, energy is not wasted to power other components. This enables more power to be generated, and used by, the screw drive which can lift larger, heavier doors.

One Simple Operation

The screw drive garage door opener works with a simple threaded rod. This threaded rod is what the lifting mechanism travels along in order to raise and lower the garage door. This mechanism moves along the rod as the rod turns. The threads in the rod make it possible for the raising mechanism to travel according to the direction it is moving in.

Not Entirely Noiseless

The screw drive garage door opener is not as noisy as the chain drive type of garage door opener. However, it is not as quiet as a belt drive model. The screw mechanism will begin to make some noise as it is threaded through if it is very dry. A simple coating of machine oil will remedy a lot of the noise made.

Speed Is a Trade-Off

When it comes to garage door openers they have never been praised for their blinding speed. With a screw drive type of garage door opener speed, while still not very fast, is a respectable 7 to 10 inches per second. Most garage door openers operate on a 5 to 7 inch per second speed rating.

Reliable Openers

One of the reasons that people are starting to use the chain drive garage opener more often is because of the way that it is built. Since there are very few moving parts, there is much less chance of anything to break. The maintenance is a simple cleaning, and oiling of the threaded rod a few times a year. Without the gears, chains, pulleys, belts, and other moving components, the cost of operation is much lower versus the other two types of garage door openers.

Smooth Operation

As the listing mechanism travels along the length of the threaded rail there is little in the way of jerking and stopping. This means that the garage door will travel smoothly up and down the railings. This is a big advantage of chain drive garage door openers and the door itself is not damaged during operation. Set at the right height, the door will close easily at the bottom of the threaded rod.