How Does a Strap Wrench Work?

A strap wrench is a tightening device that consists of a plastic or wooden handle with a flexible non-marring rubber strap that slips around round or odd-shaped objects that twist off or away from another object in either a threaded or non-threaded connection. The strap typically has small ridges that help keep it in place while being used.

This type device is great for loosening and removing items like shower heads, sink faucets, piping and other items that possess a twist off connection. Many people use a strap wrench to remove stubborn jar lids. It has great advantage over other wrenches due to its flexibility as well as ability to leave no marks or scratches on the object. Its ease of use requiring little strength makes it a popular choice for in-home use.


Use is fairly simple. Begin by placing the rubber strap loop around whatever object you wish to remove. The strap is then pulled tightly around the object producing a snug fit as the ridges work to keep it firmly in place. The wrench is then turned using the handle grip and the object will, normally, twist off easily if not impeded by some other force or substance prohibiting it from twisting. If the strap slips during operation, it can easily be replaced for additional operating.