How Does an Impact Driver Work?

An impact driver is a very useful tool. It looks a little bit like a power drill and can be either AC powered only or battery powered (cordless). Powered impact drivers serve the same purpose as a power screwdriver but they have much higher levels of exertion and force.

How an Impact Driver Works

An impact driver works by exerting a sudden downward potency coupled with a quick rotational force to drive a screw into a wall. It can be compared to the actions of a hammer drill which operates in a similar way, to attack the wall and create a neat pilot hole. Impact drivers usually have stronger screw driver pieces and toughened metal adaptor. They are particularly useful when there is no requirement for drilling a pilot hole and if you are using self-tapping screws. The impact of the driver almost hammers the screw into place and then turns it to tighten it down.


They are very useful for securing drywall and plasterboard when erecting a new interior wall. They are also useful in wood projects and for creating screwed joints in thin or soft wood projects. Hardwood projects usually require a pilot hole to be drilled because of the nature of the wood.