How Does an Ironing Press Work?

An ironing press is a household appliance made for ironing clothing quickly and efficiently. You can use it to iron smart creases into pants, iron table cloths and napkins, or iron dress shirts. You can also use an ironing press with or without steam, just like a regular iron, but without the hassle and hard work of using a standard iron.

Ironing Press Defined

The bottom part of an ironing press is typically the size and shape of a small ironing board. The top of the ironing press is the exact shape of the bottom portion and is just like a large iron. Because the surface area of the ironing press is so much larger than a regular hand-held iron, it takes much less time to iron your clothing and linens.

How it Works

To use an ironing press, simply lay your clothing or linens out as flat as you can on the ironing press surface. Then, use the handle on top of the ironing press to close the lid of the ironing press on top of your fabric. Wait for the beeping sound to let you know the ironing is finished. Then, lift the lid and slide the garment or linen over to iron the next section.

Adding Water

If you need to use steam in your ironing press, find the opening that leads to the water cavity and pour water into the ironing press. Once the water has had time to heat up, insert your garment and lower the press. The steam output over the large surface area of the ironing press allows you to steam iron your garments quickly and efficiently. The efficiency of the ironing press also keeps your garments and linens free of wrinkles longer than a conventional iron.

Ironing Comfort

Not only is an ironing press more efficient and time saving, though, it also is easier on your back. Instead of standing at the ironing board for hours, with an ironing press you can sit comfortably in a chair while you do your ironing chore. It also takes the strain out of having to press down on a hand-held iron. The ironing press is heavy and there is no need for you to press down on it as you use it.

Disadvantages of an Ironing Press

The main disadvantage of an ironing press comes with ironing pleats and collars. While you can iron the collars of a dress shirt using an ironing press, it may be more difficult than simply ironing them with a conventional iron. A hand-held iron is also easier for ironing small pleats in skirts, dresses and blouses. The small tip of the hand-held iron gives you the necessary control to get inside the very top of a pleat. This is something that an ironing press simply isn’t designed to do.

An ironing press, with its large surface area is intended to simplify the chore of ironing most clothing and large linens, keeping them wrinkle-free longer than a conventional iron.