How Does Bow Window Cost Compare to Other Windows? How Does Bow Window Cost Compare to Other Windows?

If you’re looking to expand a room in your home but want a cheaper and more dramatic look, you may want to consider bow windows. Bow windows have the same effect as bay windows, but are different in construction. While a bay window has a combination of 3 or more windows that project outward from the room, a bow window is made up of 4 or more window units that join to form a curve. Bow window cost compared to other windows depends on many variables, but in general are affordable, easy to install, and more energy efficient than you may realize.

Bow Window Considerations

When considering a bow window, look for the type of quality your budget allows. What height and width are you looking for? A floor to ceiling model will extend the floor, which will give you more actual space in the room.

Bow Window Options

An extension of a bow window will give only the appearance of more space in the room, but can have a dramatic effect. Bow window units are available in a wide variety of sizes, which allows you to install them in the space of any existing window. Use them to replace picture windows, enlarge a window opening, or replace double or triple-width windows.


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