How Does Carpet Padding Work? How Does Carpet Padding Work?

A carpet pad provides a foundation for a home’s carpet. The carpet pad is laid directly on the floor before the carpeting is laid. It is used to help the carpet remain durable and last as well as enhance the carpet’s comfort.

What Carpet Pads Are Made Of

Carpet padding is made up of different materials. The materials used to make carpet padding include:

  • Sponge Rubber
  • Foam Rubber
  • Urethane Foam, which is made with polyurethane
  • Felt

Carpet pads are designed to provide a sponge or cushion effect, which is what your feet feel when you walk on a carpeted floor.

What a Carpet Pad Does

The purpose of a carpet pad is to absorb the pressure that your feet bring to bear on the carpet when it is walked on. The pad protects the carpet by providing a spring to keep the carpet fibers from being pushed down and eventually wearing out. Good padding also provides an insulation barrier between the bare wood floor underneath and the carpet layer above.  

Carpet pads reduce noise by absorbing pressure and dispersing it within its insulating layer. Carpet pads can be compared to a car’s shock absorbers in that the pad absorbs impact to make the walk more comfortable while reducing wear and tear.

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