How does Soundproof Glass Work?

Soundproof glass walls are the latest fad this season. Moreover, everyone loves to spend a considerable amount of time in doing up our home. Glass walls give the illusion of the room looking bigger than its actual size. Moreover, thanks to glass walls, the room feels airy and bright, as sunlight can trickle in without any intervention. Those, who are living besides a scenic beauty and want to enjoy them from their room itself, must opt for glass walls. The latest discovery amongst glass is soundproof glass work. With few slight alterations, this glass allows one to view the exterior and enjoy the natural scenery and weather through the opaque wall and also keeps the noise stays out. Though this sounds as a contradiction, it is possible to make the alterations by following these simple steps and means.

Tip Number One: Thick Glass

Firstly, go for a thick glass. Whether you want a soundproof glass wall or windows, you would need a thick glass as a thick glass would not vibrate like the thinner ones. As a result, the sound penetrating into the room, is lessened to largely. Make sure your get the glass density to be twice the size of the normal one to get maximum benefit from them.

Tip Number Two: Laminated Windows

Secondly, consider laminated windows. In such cases, a thin strip of lamination or plastic strip is put between two glass panes. This makes the glass firmer and hence it vibrates less. Moreover, noise finds it difficult to penetrate through the plastic strip and gets cut down. The last benefit of laminated windows is that they make the windows stronger and sturdier than the normal variety. There are many stores, which offer high quality laminated glass panes on sale. Choose the variety of laminated glass panes that suits you the most. The very expensive one’s that claim that the minimum amount of noise will penetrate has nothing but a thick plastic strip between the glasses. If you are not willing to invest in such costly laminated panes, you can also make them at home.

Tip Number Three: Double Paned Glass

Thirdly, the most simple and inexpensive mode of getting soundproof glass wall or windows is to use a double paned glass. Logically, a double paned glass will cut out more noise than a single pane. This is the most common way of sound proofing a room. Most houses situated near a high way or busy road opt for this mode of cheap soundproofing. However, compared to the other two types of soundproof glass, this is the most ineffective.

If you are planning to get the laminated sound proof glass panes from professional shops, you can choose from a plethora of colors. Predefine the color scheme of your room and choose a colored pane suiting your requirement. Also check the exact STC of sound that is prevented from penetrating by using these laminated soundproof glass panes. After all, you should know how well it works before you spend your hard earned money on it.