How Effective is Soy Paint Stripper

A soy based paint stripper will be less toxic, and carry fewer fumes. Not only is it safer for you to use, it's healthier for the environment. While a soy paint stripper can do many jobs effectively, it may not be the best choice for others. Here's what you should know.


Some surfaces will benefit much more from a soy based stripper than others. Removing paint from glass, metal, brick, and other materials that don't have a heavy paint coating can be easy with a soy product. If you are trying to remove paint from a boat, a mirror, or metal crafts, then it should work. Some soy strippers claim to work on wood products as well. In general, paint on a wood surface will be harder to remove with a soy stripper. If you are dealing with wood, or multiple layers of paint, the soy stripper will require longer lift times and more elbow grease.

A soy based paint stripper will be just as effective in common household use.


One of the biggest reasons people are drawn to use soy paint strippers is the safety factor. It may require more work on very difficult projects, but not having to deal with a lingering smell and caustic, harsh chemicals is worth the extra effort it may require.