How to Furnish a Traditional Dining Room How to Furnish a Traditional Dining Room

A traditional dining room style is common in the homes of those of older generations.  The pieces match and have an old world consistency that makes them feel reminiscent of a grandparents' home.  If a traditional dining room style is something that would work well in your home, knowing how to furnish the space helps immensely when decorating.  Use the tips and tricks below to determine how to furnish a traditional dining room.

The Table

A traditional dining room table is usually made of medium to dark wood.  It is rectangular and usually has soft, flowing lines.  It is solid, substantial and may have some carving detail.  It is neither ornate nor ostentatious, but has a more casual approach to formality.  The lines of the table are traditional in that there are no sharp, unusual angles or hard curves or turns.  As it is the center of the traditional dining room, the table is an understated focal point in the room.


The chairs in a traditional dining room are typically upholstered and match the dining room table.  They are made of the same color wood and are part of the same collection.  The dining room chairs are paired and fit comfortably around the dining room table.  There are usually two armed chairs, one at each end of the table, and side chairs that, when not in use, sit along a side wall.  The lines of the chairs match the lines of the dining room table in that they are smooth and slightly curved with no harsh angles.  The upholstery is usually lighter in color with a traditional pattern or design.  Bright colors and geometric designs are not part of the traditional dining room decor.

Accessory Furniture

Besides the traditional dining room table and chairs, there is usually a matching buffet or sideboard that is centered along one long wall of the dining room.  It is part of the same collection as the rest of the furniture and features the same soft, curving lines.  The buffet is typically not an enormous piece of furniture, but it is substantial enough to be a focal piece in the dining room.


In a traditional dining room the rectangular table is centered, lengthwise in the center of the room atop an Oriental style rug.  The rug sits centered in the room and is placed on top of hardwood floors or carpeting.  It matches the style and colors in the rest of the dining room furniture.  No traditional dining room decor is complete without a rug beneath the table.

Furnishing a traditional dining room is an investment in both time and money.  If it is too expensive to purchase all the pieces at one time, be sure to choose a popular and common collection that will be around for many years as you add pieces.  If a collection on clearance is chosen, it is best to purchase all the pieces at one time, so that the set is complete.  Once decorated and furnished, a traditional dining room will be in style for decades to come.

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