How Furniture Color Affects a Room's Mood

If you've been toying with the idea of redecorating certain areas of your home, you may be interested to learn that furniture color can have a direct affect on a room's mood. While determining which type of color produces which type of effect may seem like a bit of a chore, choosing a furniture color that gives your room the mood you'd like to convey can be a piece of cake, particularly if you're armed with a helpful color guide. So if you've been looking to bestow a distinct mood upon certain rooms in your home, simply read on to learn everything you'll need to know.

A Cool Mood

If you'd like to convey a laid-back, somewhat outdoorsy feel, you may want to consider selecting a furniture color that gives off a cool mood. The colors that produce this effect are typically very light shades of purple, green, blue and yellow. In addition, these furniture colors have been known to make rooms feel slightly larger than their actual size. Furniture that gives off a cool mood is primarily recommended for bright rooms that receive a fair amount of sunshine, as the cool nature of the aforementioned colors can often make rooms feel colder than they actually are.

A Warm Mood

If you're interested in giving a room a homey, welcoming feel, you may want to look into choosing a furniture color that conveys a warm mood. A warm mood is typically produced by dark shades of yellow, green, orange, brown and red. These types of furniture colors give off a comfortable, informal feel and invite guest to make themselves at home without worrying about bothersome formalities. Additionally, these types of colors tend to make larger rooms appear larger and small rooms appear smaller. Furniture colors that give off warm moods are perhaps the most popular type of furniture colors found in the residences of large families.

A Modern Mood

If you'd like a room to convey a distinctly modern day, cutting edge feel, you may want to consider a furniture color that gives off a modern mood. A modern mood is usually conveyed by dark shades of black, gray and silver. These types of furniture colors work best in apartments and lofts, as they tend to look out of place in virtually any manner of house. Additionally, furniture of this color has a reputation for meshing nicely with mounted flat-screen televisions, metallic lamps and hardwood floors.

A Delicate Mood

If you're interested in giving a room a meticulously clean, fragile feel, you should look into furniture that conveys a delicate mood. A delicate mood is conveyed by virtually any shade of white and, if properly cared for, furniture of this color can make a room appear very organized and tidy. As a possible downside, however, this type of furniture color tends to make guests uncomfortable and overly formal. Not surprisingly, you should avoid this type of furniture color if you frequently entertain or have children.

When shopping around for new furniture, be sure to remember the type of mood you'd like it to convey and making your selection will be a breeze.