How Garage Door Cables Work

When it comes to garage door cables it is hard to understand exactly what is going on when they are functioning. Here is a guide to help you get to know more about garage door cables and how they work.

Tension Cables

Tension cables in the garage are installed with a monitor on them that can measure and detect any kind of slack that is occurring while it is working. Without this monitor the cables will not be able to work properly or if the monitor detects slack in the cables it will not allow the garage to open. The tension wire is attach on one end at the bottom of the garage door in a slot and then is rests on the drum near the top of the garage door track. Many times there will be problems when the tension cables come off of the drum track and you will have to realign them. Other times, problems can occur when the tension is too tight and you will be able to tell because the door is not going to close all of the way. If it is too loose, typically the monitor will not allow it to move as it can not grab the cable and when it comes down it may hit the ground too hard, breaking it. So the cables need to be snug but not too tight or loose and straight on the drum track in order to be working properly. The cables work on a track and in as the garage door goes up or down, the cables on the door track will either loosen or tighten accordingly.

While it may sound confusing, the cables in the garage are not hard to replace or fix if something happens to them on your own. You can follow the installation guide or even look on line to see the easiest way to put everything back together. The main thing is to make sure that the tension cable is the right length and that it is threaded through properly.

Emergency Release Cable

The emergency release cable on the garage is great if you get the door into a jam or if your power ends up going out and your opener does not work. It is basically installed in the garage door in a small hole. Then the cable is unrolled and then in the garage door opener's trolley it is attached to an emergency release lever. By turning the key, the lock body can be pulled through the door which will in turn bring the cable with it. Doing this will help to take the door off of the chain or belt that it is on and allow you to open the door manually without harming it. Many people have this cable attached to a rope so that it is easier to get to.

These two are the main cables that are functioning in your garage and the tension is the main that works to help your garage function properly.