How High Should a Shower Rod Be Hung

shower curtain

There are many types of shower rods available on the market. Choosing the right shower rod depends not only on the dimensions of your bathroom, but also the design theme and your personal taste. Once you have selecting a shower rood, you will have to hang it.

The height of a shower rod relative to the position of a tub is largely a matter of use and desired effect. Some shower curtains extend almost entirely to the floor, while others drop just below the rim of an attractive clawfoot tub. What is certain is the shower curtain liner needs to hang down into the tub below its rim so water does not splash onto the floor. Read this article to learn how to set a shower rod to the correct height.

Hanging a Shower Rod

Shower curtains are commonly 6-feet in length from top to bottom. They are made longer as well. For custom bathtub designs, their length can vary greatly.

If you are installing the shower rod anew and need to know where to hang it, the first thing to do is measure the length of the liner. If it is 6-feet long, figure that it should hang below the rim of the tub at least 5-inches. That means the rod should be placed 5-feet, 7-inches from the top of the tub. However, consider the difference between the rod placement and where the liner attaches to the shower curtain rings. If the liner dangles 2-inches below the rod, you can add that to the height of the rod, placing it 5-feet, 9-inches above the tub.

The curtain also requires some consideration. It should not drag along the floor. It should be at least 2-inches above it when hanging. If you want to showcase a claw-foot tub, hang the curtain just a few inches below the rim of the tub.