How Home Window Tint Blocks Heat Waves How Home Window Tint Blocks Heat Waves

While most home window tints will block at least some measure of UV rays, which will cut down on the amount of radiation entering the home and warming the air, none of them will stop heat. Heat, unlike light and sound, doesn't travel in waves. Heat is the transfer of thermal energy. This transfer can be caused by conduction (rub your hands together), radiation (as in a microwave) or convection (as in a pot of boiling water). Heat transfers easily and quickly, in an effort to equalize the temperature between two objects or areas.

Heat Transfer in the Home

The heat that enters a home through windows is caused by radiation, due to light from outside heating the air inside the home, and convection, due to air on one side of the window being warmer than the air on the other side. By adding an additional layer to your home's windows, you can help slow heat loss on cold days the same way you slow heat loss from your body by layering a tank top under a sweater, but none of them will stop that heat loss completely. Adding window tint will help slow heat acquisition in the summer, by blocking UV rays that will then heat the air.

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