How is a Detail Sander Different than Most

The detail sander is a perfect tool for working with difficult projects. Even though there are many hand-held portable sanders available for purchase, the detail sander is great for smaller more intricate projects. They are even referred to as thumb sanders, because of their size and ability to complete jobs in small spaces. Other sanders such as belt sanders or block sanders take up much more surface area and can damage small detail areas.  

Getting into Hard-to-Reach Places

One of the most common features of the detail sander is its ability to fit into smaller, often hard-to-reach, corners and tight spaces that sanders such floor sanders cannot get into.  Detail sanders are usually triangular in size and oscillate at a high speed without taking too much material too quickly. For finishing purposes, this is one of the best tools for intricate projects and angular spaces.

Efficient and Delicate

Detail sanders are a good choice for small craft projects. Because these sanders can work in tight spaces, detail sanders work more efficiently and evenly on craft projects than traditional sandpaper sanders do. Their ability to smooth surfaces delicately without removing material too quickly makes them a better sander choice than belt or drum sanders because a belt sander will take material too quickly and a drum sander does not work well on intricate pieces.