How Loft Living Can Be Family Friendly

Loft living is not just for artists and ultra modernists who want to live in wide-open reclaimed buildings in the heart of the city. Many families are starting to realize the great potential in loft living and are claiming lofts for their territory.

Loft living communities are starting to pop up around the country in areas where there is an abundance of large buildings such as warehouses and former manufacturing plants. Real estate developers are creating family-friendly living spaces in these buildings. Loft areas are for the families that both work and play together.

Loft Living with a Family

Family loft living is a developing trend across the country because more and more people are electing to stay home to work. This is either in the form of telecommuting or simply because they own a business they can operate from home. A loft will help to create an atmosphere where both family life and work can be combined in the same space.

Better Track of Children

When you have an open floor plan like you have in a loft, you can keep better track of your children while you are working away at your desk. With a home office, you are in a separate room and can not see what is going on most of the time.

Defined Times for Work and Play

Because the space is open you will be forced to set definite times when you will be available to play.

Safety in Visibility

An open floor design of a loft helps you see better what is going on. You do not have to be wondering what a certain sound was or where the children have been for the last hour. You will know. You can see them playing and have a better peace of mind knowing they are safe.

More Times Together

One of the problems today with families is that everyone is so busy with different projects. Living in a loft is a great way for families to slow down the pace and be a part of each other's lives again. You can watch movies together, play board games and read books aloud together.

Definite Rules

The open floor plan can have great advantages for a family but it can also be something that has some definite disadvantages. When a family is together in an open area with high ceilings, hardwood floors, and a minimalistic approach to furnishings it can get a little chaotic and loud at times. Loft living families will need to have some definite rules relating to noise and clutter.

Sharing Is Number One Rule

The best way for families to live in a loft is to be able to share. Since a loft is wide open, with few blocked-off areas, you must be able to share belongings, toys, and responsibilities. Families that can do this effectively will be able to make the most out of their loft living.