How Long Do PEX Pipes Last?

PEX pipes are the most advanced piping material of this time. It works well against corrosive material and does not wear easily with time. The material is in a criss-cross pattern, which reinforces the pipe, and gives it its longevity. PEX piping is more durable than copper piping, and it is used in an innumerable number of applications, such as radiant heating systems for residential and industrial plumbing.

Characteristics of PEX Pipes

The average life span of PEX for plumbing purposes goes well over 50 years. For this reason, PEX plumbing has been used to replace copper plumbing. One of the main features of PEX is that it is light weight. It is able to withstand temperatures as high as 200 degrees F. Another great thing about PEX is that it is more feasible to work with than any other plumbing material.

PEX is highly flexible, and it is bent easily around corners and can be installed through house flooring. Most professionals like to work with PEX because it is easier to install. The other upside about using PEX is that PEX is cheaper than other plumbing products. Besides PEX being inexpensive, it is durable since PEX will not easily obtain leaks or holes.