How Long Do Solar Deck Lights Last?

Solar deck lights are a practical and elegant addition to your home that can be found in most retail stores such as Coscto and Wal-Mart. Given their energy efficiency, you may think of replacing you old deck lighting with solar deck lights.

 Run Time of Solar Lights

The run time of solar lights is based on location and season. Colder climates have a run time of 8 to 12 hours in summer and between two and six hours in winter. In southern climates, they will have a run time of 8 to 12 hours during the summer months and six to eight hours during the winter. There is a direct correlation between run time and the amount of sunlight. Solar lights need direct sunlight to have their batteries charged, and the run time will be shorter in cloudy days. In addition, mounting the lights under eves and trees will reduce their ability to charge.

Lifetime of Lights

Solar lights with LED bulbs are so designed as to last a lifetime. These lights are of high quality, with latest technology being used for their production. They are equipped with NiCad batteries, rated for around 1000 cycles or three years. The warranty of the batteries is 1 year.