How Long Does Bathroom Wainscoting Last?

All things being equal, wainscoting in the bathroom should last as long as any other type of wall; however, because the walls of bathrooms come into daily contact with high moisture levels, it is possible that water damage could reduce the life of wainscot paneling. This effect could be hastened when water is splashed on the walls. Although it will vary from home to home, bathroom wainscoting should last a decade or longer.

Variables in the Life of Wainscot

The most important variable for determining the life of bathroom wainscoting is the ventilation. Bathrooms accumulate moisture constantly. Wallpaper eventually becomes moist; wood rots. Proper ventilation removes much of the moisture. Traditional pine beadboard wainscot looks great, but it will rot faster than synthetic composite wainscoting. Plastic imitation wainscot paneling will outlive wood as well.