How Long Does It Take for Glazing Putty to Set?

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The length of time it takes for glazing putty to dry varies from product to product. There are many products available for the purpose of glazing and weatherizing windows.

Classic Glazing Putty Components and Dry Time

The classic formula of putty contains linseed oil and takes a great deal of time to dry. It may take a month for it to form a thin layer of skin. For this product to be fully cured and hard set takes over 12 months.

Modern Formulations of Glazing Putty Components and Dry Time

Newer formulations are available that contain a base of vegetable oil and limestone. There are two types of this putty. One is a two-part compound and has a dry time of 5 to 7 days. The other type is a one-part formula that takes approximately 15 to 17 days to dry.

Modern Glazing Putty, Its Formulation and Dry Time

The most advanced type of glazing putty available contains an acrylic base formulation. It replaces older glazes due to its superior performance from other products. It allows maximum adhesion and does not crack out like the linseed oil putty. The dry time for acrylic based formulas is two weeks.

Dry time of glazing putty varies and has greatly improved over the years. With technology being the driving force in the industry today, consumers benefit by having better products. Glazing putty is no exception to industrial advancements.