How Long Should Putting Green Grass Be?

Cutting your putting green grass can be confusing. Should the grass be the same height as the lawn? Should it be lower than the lawn? Do not worry. Following this simple advice will keep your putting green ready for tee off.

Keep It Low

Putting green grass requires a low cut. The average height is 0.125 inch. Some golfers want more speed on their balls, so the grass must be cut even lower than 0.125 inch. By cutting the grass lower, the ball speed increases. Golfers feel that this extra speed is critical to their game. If this is your position as well, then the height can be as low as 0.1 inch. 

Cut It Often

Keeping your putting green grass at the proper height requires mowing at least two to three times per week at minimum. During the spring and summer, you may have to mow more often to keep the grass under control. Some putting green owners suggest cutting the grass as often as six to seven times per week to keep it in top-notch playing condition.

The height of your putting green grass is a key consideration for your game.  The height that you choose depends solely on your requirements.