How Long Should Someone Wait to Paint on Cure Concrete Walls?

If you are planning to paint concrete walls, you might decide to cure the concrete prior to painting. Applying a liquid to cure concrete prevents it from drying out too quickly, and makes it easier to apply a layer of paint to the surface of the walls. When you are looking at liquids to cure concrete walls, you'll find that some require leaving the walls to dry for several days before applying the paint.

Painting Cured Concrete Walls

When you begin to cure the wall, apply the liquid in even, thin layers to provide a thin surface for quick drying. If your instruction leaflet says that you can paint the walls quickly after you have cured the wall, you have saved the time it takes for the walls to dry.

For heavier liquids, or those that require several coats, you will need to leave the cure on the concrete for at least 24 hours after you have applied it. Test the walls by pressing your hand to the surface. If it seems tacky still, you should leave it for another few hours, until it is completely dry.