How Make a Concrete Tree Rings

What You'll Need
plastic or nylon
drywall screws
spray glue

Concrete tree rings can make a tree look significant and set it apart from the rest of its environment. Depending on your artistic skills, you can shape and decorate the ring in such a way that it works as a fine embellishment to your garden. The actual construction process for the concrete ring is moderately difficult and should not take you more than a weekend.

Step 1–Make Form for Concrete

Create a form in which you can pour the concrete. The sizes used below are optional but should be suitable for any small- to middle-sized tree.

Take some cardboard and draw a circle with a diameter of 36 inches. Cut the circle out and draw another circle inside it, which is 4.5 inches smaller. Cut out the smaller circle. Now, you have a cardboard ring 4.5 inches wide. Divide the ring into six equal parts and cut them off. One of them will be your pattern for the concrete block form.

Step 2–Outline Pattern

Place the cardboard pattern in the middle of a 2-by-8 inches board and outline it with a pencil.

Step 3–Cut Form

Cut out the delineated form using a band-saw. You should end up with four pieces of wood, which, when joined together, will make the form in which the concrete blocks will be molded.

Step 4–Make Base

Use plywood or some other suitable material for the base of your form. Attach the pieces from the above step to the base by using drywall screws. To prevent the base from leaving residue in the concrete blocks, you may want to cover its face with plastic or nylon (e.g. from a shopping bag), cut out with the help of the cardboard pattern. To attach the plastic/ nylon to the base, you can use spray glue or some other adhesive.

If you want to save some time when molding the blocks, you can make some more forms, repeating the steps above.

Step 5–Decorate

Add decorations to your concrete blocks if you are more artistically inclined. For example, you can cut out little wooden patterns and attach them to the inner sides of your form, using glue, or you can make wooden letters and attach them to the middle of the form base. When the blocks are molded, the letters will be imprinted on them, and this will be a wonderful way to add a personal touch or to simply write the name of the tree inside the concrete ring.

Step 6–Make Concrete Mix

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the cement/water ratio to mix concrete. Make sure your mix does not turn out too watery; on the contrary, it should be relatively stiff. Once the mix is ready, cover the form with vegetable oil and pour the concrete in it. Shake the form a little and knock it at the sides and the bottom to get rid of the air bubbles. Allow the mix 24 hours to dry.

Step 7–Place Rings

Remove the concrete block from the form and place it in a circle around the tree together with the other blocks.