How Make a Revolving Wooden Earring Display Rack

What You'll Need
Wooden tray or picture frame
Screw eye hooks
Lazy Susan

A revolving earring display rack is very appealing and attention-grabbing. It has the advantage of being portable while saving on space, which is ideal for jewelry shops, as customers do not have to move but simply stand in front of the rotating display and view several items simultaneously.

Displaying jewelry properly is one of the most important factors to attract customers.  It is a practical way to display all your items and a convenient way for the customers to browse your collection.  Catering for your customers’ needs will certainly help to encourage sales. Rotating jewelry stands can be made in different materials like wood, plastic and acrylic. If you are opening your shop you may wish to save on funds by making your own display racks.


Step 1 – Choose the tray and background

Choose a wooden tray made up of compartments or attach picture frames together, four would be ideal. Cut pieces of decorative paper or drapes to put in each partition for ornamental purposes to serve as a background for the earrings. Try to choose colors of paper or drapes that compliment the decor of the room or shop in which the display rack will be placed. Also keep in mind that the earrings value and look can be enhanced with such a background color. A blue or red color usually bring out the best of jewelry be it silver or gold.

Step 2 – Fix the paper or cloth

Use glue to fix the paper or cloth into each compartment. Make sure that the glue you use is strong enough to fix paper or cloth to wood, so as to make sure that they will stick to the tray without any problems.

Step 3 – Attach hooks

Attach several screw eye hooks to each compartment. It is best that you keep in mind the sizes of various types of earrings since some would be longer and so take up more space. Make sure to spread them around evenly for a more balanced look.

Step 4 – Fix a Lazy Susan

To enable the display rack to rotate use what is called a Lazy Susan. This is a tray usually made from plastic or wood that spins around. Thus if it is fixed beneath the display rack it will enable it to revolve.

Step 5 – Light it up

Place the display rack in a place where lights can reach it and illuminate the earrings, especially in the case of shops. You may also wish to try to install light fixtures in it.