How Make a Small Wooden Nightstand How Make a Small Wooden Nightstand

What You'll Need
Two 12-inch square wood pieces
Four 24-inch long wood table legs
Circular saw
Eight L-shaped steel brackets
Drilling machine
1-inch galvanized wood screws
Tape measure
Chalk or washable marker
Spray primer
Paint thinner

Build your own small wooden nightstand over the weekend to place your reading lamp, bedtime book and other items instead of purchasing one. Follow these steps to successfully make a wooden nightstand that is 12-inches straight and 25-inches high.

Step 1: Purchase or Cut Wood to Size

Purchase two wood pieces from your local hardware store that are 12-inches long and equally wide, and at least 1 ½-inches thick. Also purchase four 24-inch long plain or decorative square or rounded legs for the table.

You can also cut your own wood if you have pre-treated wooden boards at home. Take the measurements, mark the area appropriately on the lumber and cut with a circular saw or carpenters square.

Step 2: Treat the Wood

Use sandpaper and run it over the wooden board and legs to remove any splinters or rough edges.

Spray a coat of wood primer over the legs and boards of the nightstand and place them outside so they can dry. Spray another coat and allow it to dry thoroughly again.

Once dry, you can paint the wood pieces for a decorative look to match the other items in your bedroom, or leave it as it is. If painting, make sure you thin the pain with thinner before applying it for an even and finished look. Allow the pieces to dry overnight before you begin attaching them.

Step 3: Attach Brackets to table Legs

Use a measuring tape to measure 12-inches down from the top of each leg and mark it with chalk or washable marker.

Place an L-shaped bracket over each mark on the leg and attach it with a drilling machine using 1-inch galvanized wood screws. Repeat until each leg has an L-shaped bracket attached to its lower mark.

Place another L-shaped bracket flush with the top edge of a leg and drill it in place with 1-inch wood screws. Repeat the procedure so each leg has an L-shaped bracket attached to its upper edge.

Step 4: Attach Lower Shelf of Nightstand

Have someone hold one leg of the table straight as you attach a corner of one of the boards to the lower L-shaped bracket by drilling a wood screw there. Extend the board and attach its other corner to another leg by its lower L bracket.

Repeat the process till all the lower brackets of the four table legs are attached to one of the boards. The lower shelf of your nightstand is now in place.

Step 5: Attach Upper Shelf of Nightstand

Place the nightstand on an even surface and simply slide the second wooden board into the upper four L-shaped brackets attached to the legs. Screw it in place to prevent it from sliding out. This will serve as the top of your small wooden nightstand, while the lower shelf can be used to store small personal belongings. Put your nightstand next to your bed and enjoy using your work of art.

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