How Much Energy Does a Pool Pump Use?

To predict a planned swimming pool's impact on your electric bill, determine how much energy a pool pump uses. Check the specifications to determine the horsepower (hp) of the pump. The electricity used by pumps and engines are measured in horsepower, whereas the electricity delivered to your house is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh). A kilowatt hour is the amount of power drawn by a one kilowatt load over the course of one hour.

Convert Horsepower to Kilowatts and Multiply by Hours

The most typical size for pool pumps is 1 hp, but check the manufacturer's specifications if you are in doubt. 1 hp is equivalent to approximately 0.7456 kilowatts. The amount of power a pump will use depends on how long the pump runs during the day. The length of time the pump runs is determined by pool occupancy, prevalence of airborne debris, and algae-inhibiting chemicals. Higher filtration needs result in longer run times. Convert the pump horsepower to kilowatts and multiply by the daily run time. This is the amount of energy that will be reflected on your next utility bill.