How Much Gasoline do Tractor Snowblowers Consume? How Much Gasoline do Tractor Snowblowers Consume?

When the weather outside is frightful it is the time to use some tractor snowblowers to clear a path necessary in order to get around. As the carol says, there is no place to go in such situations. With tractor snowblowers, however, people can get around and continue their busy lives even in the worst of weather conditions. Unfortunately, these large machines, while very handy for clearing snow away, are still very high in gasoline consumption. Most of these machines also use a higher polluting diesel fuel, thus being more harmful to the environment than they are worth.

Gas Consumption of Snowblowers

A small tractor snowblower is about the size of an average riding lawnmower. In fact, many people convert a common riding lawnmower into a snow-remover during the winter by putting a modified snow blade on the front. It is not a simple matter of consuming the same amount of gasoline that they do when they are mowing, however. This is because of the issue of weight.

Weight Considerations

When mowing, a riding lawn tractor does not push much of anything. It simply goes over the grass and only has to move its own weight around. When used as a snowblower, however, more gas is used because it must push the weight of the snow away from the tractor. Water is naturally very heavy, and when it is frozen in the form of snow it can be even heavier. That is a lot of dead weight that must be moved around, and the energy to move it has to come from somewhere. That means that more gasoline is consumed when moving snow with a tractor snowblower.

There is a benefit, however to using a tractor snowblower to move snow. It does use less gas than your average pickup truck, which is also commonly used to move large amounts of snow. Generally, you can run your average tractor snow blower almost all day long on a couple of gallons of gasoline. You cannot even drive across town on this amount of gasoline in a pickup truck. That makes the tractor snowblower a more efficient option than a pickup truck. It can also be more portable and get into tighter spaces.

Since tractor snow blowers are roughly an average riding lawn mower it can get into tighter spaces than a larger snowblower. That is why this type of snowblower is used mostly on driveways and sidewalks. You can clear a great deal of snow with just a few gallons of gas. Ultimately, tractor snowblowers are a middle ground solution for snow removal. They use far less gas than a traditional belching snowplow but they use far more gasoline than good, old-fashioned hard work with a shovel. However, the time they save may be worth it depending on how much time you have.

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