How Much to Tip a Wedding Catering Company? How Much to Tip a Wedding Catering Company?

The catering for your wedding reception will probably be remembered for a long time by your guests, and finding the perfect wedding catering company is one of the first things you should do after choosing a wedding venue. However, many brides and grooms feel uncomfortable about  tipping, and doubts about this can cast a shadow over your big day.

Tipping your Wedding Catering Company

Most providers of wedding catering expect tips as part of their final payment. Tipping is thought of as voluntary, but don't be deceived by this into thinking that tipping, and tipping the right amount, isn't entirely governed by etiquette. Some wedding catering companies include a tip as part of their original price, so read your contract to see if this is the case.

The first thing you should consider when tipping the wedding catering people is whether you were satisfied by their service. Wedding catering can be an awkward affair, but you deserve the best. The wedding catering manager should get 15 to 20 percent, and individual waiters/waitresses around the same.

Alternatives to tipping

If you are not comfortable with tipping your wedding catering suppliers, then consider sending them a gift, with a thank you note, and also provide them with a letter of recommendation from yourself: this will be something that will help them get other jobs, better than a few extra cents!

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