How Much Will a Concrete Slab Cost You?

A concrete slab, which serves as a foundation footer for a home or a garage, can range in cost depending on the area of the country you live in. The availability of materials needed to make concrete and deliver it to your job site are factors that will weigh into the cost equation. Labor costs are another consideration that must be factored in order to properly determine the true cost to you.

List the Expenses

To understand how much a concrete slab will cost, you should list the expenses that go into making it. This list, which can be constructed using a spreadsheet program, should account for excavation costs (the cost to prepare the site where the slab will be poured), concrete (including delivery costs), labor costs and materials such as 2 X 4 lumber for the concrete form, and gravel. When you have listed each of these materials, call around to concrete retailers and ask for their prices. You will find some variation but not too wide in terms of how much the materials are.