How Often do Salt Water Pool Chlorinators Have to Be Replaced?

Many people are switching over to salt water pool chlorinators to keep their swimming pool crystal clear all summer long. With the help of salt in the water, the salt water pool chlorinator can continue to extract chlorine from pure salt over and over again without having to add more. This not only means a cost savings to you, but also a healthier swimming season. 

Replacing Salt Water Pool Chlorinators

With a normal swimming pool filter and pump you will need to replace the filter at least every two weeks to three weeks. In the event of constant use through the summer, this could be every 10 to 14 days. A salt water pool is much different in the way that it filters out the contaminants in the pool. Because of this, you may not need to replace the salt water pool chlorinators except for every couple of years.

Self Cleaning Technology

One of the great benefits of a salt water system is that it is self cleaning. Not only does the salt regenerate the chlorine in the water, the system is completely self cleaning. Every few years you will need to replace the filter and the salt water chlorinator to keep the system running efficiently. You might be able to clean the chlorinator yourself in order to keep reusing it for the summer.