How Often Does an Orchid Bloom?

If you have just purchased an orchid bloom, it is important to give it attentive care to ensure that it will have flowers as long as possible. However, when the flowers finally do fall off and the plant looks dormant, how often they bloom again and for how long will depend on climate and home care.  

Orchids are Slow-Growing

Orchids are one of the slowest growing flowers and as such, usually only bloom once a year, usually in the fall months. Constant proper care, however, will increase the length of time that they are actually in bloom, sometimes from just a few weeks to as long as a few months.

The Proper Conditions

Whether you keep your orchids indoors or out, make sure to keep them in lighted areas, but still out of direct sunlight. Use a light fertilizer and never over-water the bulbs even in a dormant state. Water the pot once per week, and do not water again until the soil or bark is completely dry.

These procedures will help ensure that your blooms will come back within the next year, stay blooming for longer and even have the potential to bloom more than once during that cycle.